The Chilterns Dial-a-Ride minibusAll sorts of people volunteer for many different reasons, but one thing that unites them all is that they find it challenging, rewarding and varied.

Volunteering can add a great deal to your life and the lives of those for whom you volunteer. It offers you a chance to become involved in a project or with an organisation you really care about as well as an opportunity to meet new and like-minded people. It also gives you the chance to try out something different to your ‘everyday’ job, which may lead on to new career options.

Community groups and organisations benefit from the input of volunteers by gaining a new and valued perspective on their work as well as the precious resource of time. Even a small commitment can have a lasting effect on an organisation and the people it represents.

We have a number of roles below which may be of interest. Please contact us for more information on them.

In 2015 The Chilterns Dial-a-Ride joined in the Time Cedits scheme. For every hour a volunteer gives, a time credit is earned. Time credits can be used at various venues and attractions. For more information please contact us

Volunteer Drivers

We are dependent on our volunteer drivers, especially for our smaller vehicles, and we are always looking for new volunteers (who receive specialist training) to join our team, currently more than 20 strong. A typical volunteer time commitment is two days a month. Even if you can only offer one morning or afternoon a month, whatever fits your commitments will help us to provide a great service to those that need it. Interested in learning more about Volunteer Driving please contact us. Or request to be sent a volunteer training DVD.

Office Volunteers

We would be pleased to hear from you if you are interested in joining our friendly office team. We currently need people to help answer the phone and aid with office administration. If you have a disability we have total disabled access and would love to hear from you.  Interested in learning more about helping in the office please contact us.


Behind the frontline care and services provided by The Chilterns Dial-a-Ride lies the fundraising department, feverishly generating cash below the surface to ensure the smooth operation of the CDAR work. Roles are available as both part-time and occasional fundraisers, with the latter seeing you thrown into the deep end on high streets up and down the county.

As a part-time, career-based fundraiser, don’t expect to work any less hard or face less rejection, but expect much higher targets, way more autonomy and even more goodwill flowing into your karma bank. Please contact us if you are interested in this area, we would love to hear from you.


The Chilterns Dial-A-Ride will be putting renewed effort into fund raising and publicity in 2013. Most charitable organisations live or die by their public perception – the better known a charity is, the more likely it is to maintain those all-important fundraising contributions at a level that allow it to continue its good work.

In this regard, public relations and marketing are vital in ensuring that media outlets are constantly being reminded of the charity’s actions and that the charity’s brand is consistently implemented to help keep its aims and needs in people’s minds. Either of these roles are available , do you think you could help CDAR to be here for another 25 years to help our aging population if so contact us now.


If you really want to get involved in charity work at the sharp end, then providing your services as a friend or mentor will certainly allow you to gain experience of what The Chilterns Dial-a-Ride actually offers to people. Again, if you are prepared to do this on a part-time, voluntary basis, please contact us for more information.

Once you’ve completed some training with us, you’ll be able to provide your services when they are needed.  The majority of people who have chosen this hands-on career gain an immense amount from it.

We are extremely grateful to those who give us their support, helping us to complete many valuable projects and organise events to improve our facilities and continue empowering our client’s..

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