The area we cover

The map below shows the areas that we cover. Click on an area to find more information about it. You can zoom into the image for more details or click on the following link to open the map up in a new browser window. Not sure if we cover your area? Please contact us.

Our main areas of operation are the Chilterns, High Wycombe and South Bucks Districts. We have a widely scattered population of some 330,000, and small towns and villages, Situated in the Chiltern Hills. In such a terrain, everyone depends on reliable and accessible transport to get around, and it is those who don’t have it that The Chilterns Dial-a-Ride exists to support.

A growing need

The March 2011 census indicated that there were 21,450 people over 65, of whom 6,000+ were 75-84 and 2,750 were 85+.These numbers are rising steadily.

Other reports show that

  • 30% of those of 65+ are living alone and 21% had no car.
  • Around 12,000 residents are suffering from a limiting, long term illness.

If one adds to this the significant numbers of other people are known to have some form of disability problem, the magnitude of the challenge to provide an appropriate transport service to help is obvious. “This scheme is very welcome, it’s filling a void that is there” is a typical comment from a local disability support group manager.

IMG_5804CR2-white-webThe Chiltern’s Dial-a-Ride – helping to fill the void

Our main aim is to provide an affordable, accessible and safe transport service for people living in or close to Chiltern District who, due to age, illness or disability are not able to transport themselves or to use public transport services.

Mrs Dew from Amersham, said the Chilterns Dial-a-Ride  is a reliable and valuable service who go the extra mile to help out.

We operate a fleet of 9 vehicles, all with tail-lifts or ramps and wheel chair facilities, driven by a team of drivers including volunteers, and coordinated by a small team based in Latimer Park, near Chesham.

For the first quarter in 2018 we completed 2629 passenger journeys. We believe we are meeting demand, but we know that demand is increasing not only because of increasing awareness of our service which we naturally are promoting, but also because of a growing underlying need.

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